How does it work ?

Here are basic explanations on how it works. You should be aware of these before using TAXI.

TAXI works with your XML document but displays a corresponding graphic to you. The format of this graphic is SVG. The first thing TAXI will do, if not already done, will be the transformation of your document to a SVG document (the graphic). To achieve this, an XSLT stylesheet is applied onto your document to generate an intermediary document. This intermediairy document is then used to generate the SVG, the Definitions Document contains some SVG snippets used for backgrounds.

The XSLT stylesheet, obviously, depends on the type of your document. Once a stylesheet is written for a certain type of document, you can use it for every document of this type. Of course, somebody has to write it (a documentation on how to write a XLST stylesheet for TAXI will soon be avalaible).