Here are the different versions TAXI underwent with the latest improvements.


Last update


Bugs fixed

1.2.1 June 05, 2002
  • All code moved under fr.loria.taxi package
  • Changed name from XML Editor to TAXI
  • Added ant buildfile and BSD license tags
  • Reorganised files for more consistency between source and binary distributions
1.2 January 09, 2002
  • Schema Specification has been integrated.
  • Errors about nodes are now gathered inside a table to facilitate access to these nodes.
  • You can now copy, edit, and remove nodes directly from the graphic by right-clicking on them (you don't need to select them first).

14. Pasting the content of the clipboard to a text editor could fail

15. A java.lang.NullPointerException could raise when applying the Process of Transformation

16. The determination of nodes in error by TAXI could be wrong

1.1.2 November 23, 2001
  • Some classes used by the process of transformation have been redesigned to meet the goals of the documentation about the process of transformation.
  • Some DTD files and examples evolved.

13. The generation of relative path for the DTD could fail

1.1.1 October 19, 2001
  • In the edition area, you can now find more easily error nodes (a red down arrow indicates that a node has at least one descendant node in error).

6. On MacOS X only, big parts of graphics are not shown

7. Not all brown nodes shown in the selection area

8. Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R doesn' t work, it is removed

9. On Windows only, the transformation fails if intermediary or SVG document's DTD is not in the same path than the edited document

10. Edition of a node's attribute of type NMTOKEN may fail

11. Parent node of a node containing an error (making document invalid) could be shown with the red cross in the selection tree, instead of its child

12. Transform option is sometimes available while it should not be, and vice-versa

1.1 September 13, 2001
  • Online help integrated.
  • Configuration file editor.cfg no more placed in the directory from where TAXI has been launched. Instead it is placed in directory .XMLeditor in your home directory. Thus, you can launch TAXI from everywhere and use the same configuration file.
    If you already had a configuration file, you can move it to the directory .XMLeditor in your home directory for this new version of TAXI to take it into account.

4. Title of a window

5. Not all brown nodes shown in the selection area

1.0 August 24, 2001 First version -