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Viewing and editing XML documents is what this site talks about. To perform these tasks, many tools already exist. The idea developped here is to tranform an XML document to a graphic, so that looking at the content of your XML document is easier and more comfortable.

On this site you will be provided TAXI, a tool developed in Java to allow viewing and edition of your XML documents.

It is possible to programmatically call TAXI. Check out the programming page to know how.

Note about Schema : TAXI is compliant with the W3C Schema specification. The only thing you should be aware of is that TAXI makes no difference between two elements declared with the same name in the Schema (one global, and the other local).


As said previously, the tool transforms XML documents to graphics. This is done via a process of transformation explained step by step.

First, an overview shows the principles this process rely on. It's a good idea to read it to be aware of what happens.

Second, the intermediary document is explained via many examples. You don't need to read it if you don't want to write your own XSLT stylesheets and Definitions documents.

And finally, the different modes of transformation are detailed. In these sections, you will learn how to use the process of transformation from a console and by programming. That is to say that, from your Java applications, you can call the process of transformation to produce graphics from your XML documents.

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You download the latest version of TAXI (source or binaries) here. Alternately, you could visit our sourceforge project page.

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