Here are the TAXI versions we have the most confidence about:

CVS Access

This is if you want the cutting-edge stuff (note: TAXI is not currently being developed by anyone in the LORIA. Feel free to volunteer for the project; there's about a year's work to be done)

  1. cvs login
    (no password, just hit enter)
  2. cvs -z3 co taxi

Older Distributions

You could visit our Sourceforge project page for older versions of TAXI (known as XML Editor from v1.2 down), or if you want zipfiles instead of tar.gz


Java 1.3.1 (unfortunately enough stuff has changed between 1.3.1 and 1.4.1 that we are incompatible). TAXI should run on all platforms with a decent JRE. It even comes with all the supporting libraries you will need, so it should be one clean download.


TAXI is released under a BSD-style license, which roughly means that you can do anything you want with our code, except you can't sue us if anything breaks, and don't assume we'll let you put us down as endorsing any of your work. You can read the LICENSE file in our distribution for more details, or search online for "BSD license".